Umbrella Organization of European Waldenström patient supportgroups and patients


Start of a WM contact group

online WM patient group in your country and your language
On you can find a websitepage for each European country.
In case there is not already a contactperson for your country mentioned, you can fill in the questionnair and become, only if you want so, the first contactperson. In that case the webmaster can give you a login to use the country websitepage as a kind of notice board.

patient support in your country
One of the first steps in organizing WM patient support is to get in touch with the national cancer organization or a blood cancer organization for (Non Hodgkin) Lymphoma and find out whether there is any patient support for WM. Your WM specialist and hospital may help you in this. The national or blood cancer organization can help to circulate information about WM support in their home pages and magazines and may help you to find contact with other WM patients.

When you like  to start a patient support group on WM, try to find information about such items as
  • Why form a support group?
  • What kind of support group should I form?
  • Where can I find other members?
  • What kind of group is best for us?
  • What should we do first?
  • How should we run our meetings?
  • What is the role of caregivers in the group?
  • What sorts of special activities can we do?
  • How can we keep the group going?
  • How should we cope with loss?
  • Joining a national organization

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